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How To Make Your Child's Birthday Party Covid Secure

Party Peeps are back out doing what they love: children’s birthday parties in person! If you’re looking for party ideas across Bristol, Bath and Gloucestershire – you’ll definitely want us involved – as we help make it a fun, stress free experience from the moment you book!

We completely understand that having a kids party in these times might be worrying, but there’s some small steps you can do to help everyone have fun…but most importantly, party safe!

There’s seemingly obvious tips involving sanitiser…and some surprising ones too!

As well as keeping an eye on the latest advice, here’s some tips for the day:

1) Hand Sanitiser!

This is perfect for people to use when they arrive to the party and before they eat all

the yummy treats! Don’t assume your venue will have one!

2) Food!

Prepare food bags/boxes for each child! It stops their cheeky little hands rummaging

into bowls of food, and it’ll make each kid excited to have their own package! (You can

guarantee they’ll proudly tell their parents about it when they get picked up from the

party). Individual bags/boxes for each child is much less risk than a buffet and is likely to avoid food waste too.

3) Drinks!

Our parties are extremely active – so they’ll need a drink! Ask all the children to bring

a bottle to the party, and have some jugs of squash so they can refill them. (If they’re

all drinking from cartons that look the same – they could…well, will…be a mixup!).

4) Windows!

Open a few windows to allow fresh air to flow through the building! Like we said

before, we’ll have the kids moving and shaking (and getting very hot and sweaty)

thanks to the disco and kids party games so they’ll warm up! (And if it does get chilly –

we’ll make them dance EVEN MORE!)

5) The Surprising Ones!

Politely ask guests not to lick their greeting cards when sealing, this will help keep

everyone safe (and also free from stingy papercuts!). Finally, instead of blowing out

the candle on the main cake – use a cupcake! – and then the big cake is safe to eat (but the wish is still as magical!). Our party host will lead the birthday cake ceremony to ensure it's memorable and stress free.

We will help you keep your childs party safe and most importantly, fun! We are continuing to sanitise props between parties and only supply individually wrapped sweets for every child during the party. We ask our hosts to take lateral flow tests before parties.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our disco parties with us soon!

…one day, this will be the only masks you need to wear to a party!

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