School Proms

An end of term party they'll remember for the rest of their lives...

It's our Year of Celebration, and we're on a mission to create amazing experiences and help you to have some fun after a tough few years. We have devised a range of services and packages to help

you make Summer 2022 amazing for the young people in your life who deserve a party!

Get in touch now via email to request our School Proms Brochure.

We know how to create amazing parties for older children, how to break the ice and how to have them all joining in to create an amazing atmosphere.

We know how to create a fun and cool atmosphere, and we'll ensure they don't just sit on their phone throughout or run around skidding on their knees and knocking everyone over.

Get them all joining in with a great disco party full of clean edited songs, fun competitions and challenges. We're the experts and we take having fun seriously.

Bristol Kids Party Disco Entertainment
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