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Festival Party Package

Get ready to rave with the ultimate festival party package!

This package has everything you need to create a truly memorable and totally awesome festival party experience. It's perfect for ages 10 and up whether for a Birthday party, Year 6 Leavers party or a Prom.

Name Your Festival...

We'll let you give your festival a bespoke name, if it's a Birthday maybe incorporate your name like 'Evie Fest', if it's a school event you can use the school name like 'St Michaels Fest'. You decide. And then we'll create the logo. That's right you get your own designed logo which will be provided to use on invitations. Then at the event every guest will receive a neon festival wristband with the logo printed onto it.


The Rave...

We'll provide a complete festival disco package with an awesome light show, smoke machine and UV glow lighting effects. Our live DJ will play the latest and greatest songs and interact with the children from start to finish. We believe at any age children want fun interaction but the tone and approach is key for it to appeal to the right age. Interaction is important to break the ice no matter how old you are.

The Photo Booth...

That's right your own photo booth provided by Brizzle Booth, Bristol's Photo Booth Company. Inflatable or Open booth is provided for the entire festival party with or without prints and definitely with lots of fun age appropriate props and signs. All images include the bespoke festival themed logo too.

The Special Effects...

We're including all the cool stuff in this package... Smoke machines, indoor snow machines, bubble machines, uv glow lighting effects and confetti cannons. We use professional stage and festival confetti cannons, our suppliers produce similar effects for proper festivals like Boomtown and Glastonbury.

Kids Disco Festival Birthday Party
Brizzle Booth Bristol Photo Booth Inflatable.jpg
Kids Disco Party Festival UV Neon Glow .jpg

This package is available for a minimum of two hours and up to three hours as standard. Choose between digital only images or prints.


For availability and prices please email

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