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Pre Teen & Teen Parties

We know how to create a fun and cool atmosphere!

We know how to create amazing parties for older children, how to break the ice and how to have them all joining in to create an amazing atmosphere. Ages 10 to 13 will love our awesome disco parties with superb lighting, brilliant DJ's and fun atmosphere.

Disco Rave (1Hr or 2Hrs)

We know how to create a fun and cool atmosphere, and we'll ensure they don't just sit on their phone throughout or run around skidding on their knees and knocking everyone over.


Get them all joining in with a great disco party full of clean edited songs, fun competitions and challenges. We're the experts and we take having fun seriously.

Includes a live interactive DJ/Host, a full disco setup and amazing lighting effects, clean edited songs and fun challenges and competitions. We can incorporate ANY theme and ANY requests so just ask.

Kids Disco Party with Snow Machine

UV Rave (1Hr or 2Hrs)

Kids Disco Party Festival UV Neon Glow .jpg

Get ready to glow​ because we're bringing out the UV.

Our special UV glow lighting effects will make neon colours glow in the dark. This effect is awesome and really adds to the party atmosphere, especially if your venue can block our natural daylight.

We can also provide an awesome festival grade neon confetti cannon. Our snow machine looks awesome in UV light and the best bit is we guarantee you won't have to clean up any snow as it's self clearing. The confetti however is a different story. YOLO!

Festival Party (2Hrs)

This package has everything you need to create a truly memorable and totally awesome festival party experience. It's perfect for ages 10 and up whether for a Birthday party, Year 6 Leavers party or a Prom.

There's so much to this package from your very own festival name and logo on bespoke festival wristbands for each guest to UV foam party and photo booth. This is epic and you can find out more on our dedicated Festival Party page.


Nerf Party


Our nerf kids party package is extreme, fun, energetic and safe. We provide everything you need including matching guns for everyone, thousands of bullets, obstacles, camouflage, inflatables, speaker, smoke machine and safety goggles. 


For a full hour our party host will lead a series of games, challenges and battles. The structured session will include time for target practice and base building.

After the hour you can choose to offer children food before they go home. Please get in touch to ask us what to look for when finding a venue for this package.

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