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Family Fun Days & Fetes

Not all large events have large budgets, in fact we understand that alot of the time these events make just enough to be able to put on next years event. But that doesn't mean they have to think small with their hosting and entertainment. Creativity is what will make your event truly memorable, we're resourceful and problem solvers that will create the most amazing experience for your budget.

We regularly work with small community events, fundraisers and school ptfa's to provide great experiences and help maximise fundraising. From hosts and comperes to mini festival style shows and entertainment.

So if the budget is small why would you pay for a professional host or compere? The person on the microphone is being heard by everyone, their voice sets the tone and atmosphere for the whole event, their voice is the best way to promote the areas of the event that create the highest revenue for you and their voice is what you'll need to communicate any urgent or health & safety messages. We can create a fun atmosphere, interacting with your visitors making announcements fun and personable injecting entertainment to engage your crowd. We will work with you to truly understand the challenges in your event and offer simple solutions that we can implement as your event host from crowd management to increasing revenue. Yes, we can help get your visitors to spend more money at your event...not by being pushy or sales led, that has the opposite affect. It's the same reason a commercial radio station has a presenter, their personality and friendly voice makes you comfortable and happy. It's a fact that people spend more money when they're happy and in a good mood, that's why supermarkets have in store radio stations and it's why you should be hiring a professional engaging host/compere for your family event.

We host large festivals but you can also book us to come and perform a mini festival show at your fun day/fete. Whether you have a stage or not, speak with us about your event and we'll discuss some options of how we can bring our fun filled festival style show to your event safely and cost effectively.


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