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Children's Parties With Rule Of Six

Covid-19 Restrictions in England and across the UK are regularly changing so please check for the latest updates and guidance on the Gov website. At the time of writing (29th March 2021) this blog post was correct.

The rule of six has returned in England. Meaning you can now legally meet with groups of up to six people outside.... That can be in a walk in a local park or in your back garden. But what does this mean for children's parties? If you have a child celebrating a Birthday in the next few weeks it'll be they're second covid restricted party so you're probably wanting to ensure this one can be as fun and memorable as possible whilst ensuring you stick within the rules. So we hope this blog post will help you get your head around what you can or can't do.

The rule of six includes children in England so anyone and everyone aged 5 years and over. So, for example, if you're a family of four (two adult parents and two children aged 5 or over) you'll only be able to accommodate two guests aged 5 years or over. If you're planning some fun activities to do with your guests to celebrate a Birthday bare in mind that anyone not in your household will need to socially distance from you and others. So be careful what entertainment you have in mind, for example it's not easy to bounce up to 2m apart on a Bouncy Castle.

At the moment Government restrictions prevent any social interactions indoors so you'll need to ensure everything remains outside. So be sure to check the weather forecast and be willing to change dates/times once a reliable forecast is given.

When it comes to food you may want to avoid serving it buffet style to avoid unnecessary touching of food items from each guest. And if you can serve up individually wrapped items even better (packet sandwiches, crisps etc). There are some great small local companies offering individual afternoon teas etc which could be a good option and they should be able to confirm hygiene standards which will take the hassle from you having to prepare food and worrying about ensuring it's covid secure.

Here at Party Peeps, we believe that a party should include all friends and family. That way, you can create birthday memories to last a lifetime.... the moment grandma did the Chu Chu Uah, when the entire group of friends burst out into hysterics of laughter, that time Dad forgot to wipe the chocolate icing from his face. Parents host great parties for their children to see the smiles, hear the laughter and create memories not just for the children but for themselves. So in many years time you can look back at the photos and videos and smile again and again.

So be sure to check out our Online Virtual Kids Parties which offer a stress free way to ensure your child (and yourself) create amazing memories, fun moments and lots of laughter....

You won't need to worry about how many people can come over as we can accommodate up to 99 devices.

No stress of serving food.

We'll ensure everyone joins in and has a great time.

No need to wipe everything down or even tidy up any mess afterwards.

And you won't have to worry about how reliable the weather forecast is either.

Prior to the party, you receive your own personalised invitations with the Zoom details and after the party, you will even receive a video recording of the experience. So you'll never forget the Birthday memories. And with the Rule of six now in place you can invite grandparents or a friend over to join in from the garden!

Until things return to normal, we believe that virtual parties are the best party experience to ensure those lifetime memories! We don't do anything by halves here and unless we can ensure the party is epic we won't do it. Therefore we have taken the decision to only offer Online Virtual Kids Parties until restrictions are lifted and can ensure a proper party to remember. If you have any further questions about our online virtual kids parties, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing: or visiting our website

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