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Summer School Events For 2021

Summer is here... and it's usually the time of year lots of excitement builds in schools. I'm sure many school children are excited about the prospect of the Summer holidays, maybe planning a family break this summer and lots of fun after the tough first half of 2021 we have had with Government Restrictions continuing after Christmas.

However many schools are unable to proceed with the usual end of term events such as Summer Fayres, End of Term School Disco's and Sports Day to name a few. But that doesn't mean the term must fizzle out without some fun and, just as important, fundraising. So here's some ideas that I hope help.

1. DIY Pizza

I took this idea from another PTFA which was a huge success for them and I thought it was such a great and yet simple idea. A huge thanks for allowing me to share their photos.

Here's the idea... Create some Make Your Own Pizza Kits that the children can take home after school and then create their own pizza for tea, some families I'm sure will have great fun and turn it into a movie night too. You just need to charge families per pizza kit which would consist of pizza dough, tomato purée, cheese and any toppings you might like to include. The example pictured also included a drink and biscuits for dessert. If providing ingredients in plastic pots you can even ask for children to return them for when you do it again to cut down on plastic waste.

2. Ice Cream Sale

This can be quite lucrative on a hot sunny day at the end of School. The biggest obstacle you will have is having a freezer...There's three options; 1, you use a big freezer in the school and have a volunteer running from the freezer to a cool box to keep restocking. 2, you use a small under counter freezer and require two or three strong volunteers and a sack truck to put it in the ideal playground position for where your stall will be. 3, use a transportable camping freezer which will only store so many at a time.

However another, and potentially easiest, way to implement this idea would be to distribute the ice creams within school time, possibly at break time from in the school hall. This will help with social distancing as bubbles can collect separately and you can use any freezer the school has in the kitchen. However you won't get the extra sales from the parents, carers or grand parents picking up and let's face it we all suggest an ice cream to the kids when it's really us that want one lol.

3. Virtual End of Term Party

That's right... Party Peeps are offering virtual end of term parties. Not only have we done thousands of virtual school discos over the past 18months but last summer we also did hundreds of Virtual Year 6 Leavers Parties. Each session is adapted for the age group attending so we recommend splitting up some year groups. We can also host our Virtual School Discos with all the participants logging in from home which really creates a fun interactive tv show like experience OR with each bubble logging in from their classrooms as a group bringing bubbles together. For more information check out our Virtual School Discos HERE.

4. Summer Merchandise

We all have tea towels with hand drawn kids faces on and we know how profitable Christmas cards can be for school fundraisers. However, have you thought about offering a range of summer products that children can design?

You can print your own photo/drawing onto anything these days and with the summer holidays just around the corner parents are looking for supplies from Beach Towels to Beach Balls. Here's a list of other summer items to consider...

Tea Towels


Academic Calendar for '21-'22


Flip Flops



Face Masks

Windscreen Covers

With many of these being printed and delivered by a supplier you'll easily be able to handle this covid secure with an online booking system or slips. Many printed will facilitate all this for you and give you a commission on each item sold.

5. Travel Activity Pack

'Are we nearly there yet?' (don't worry not long of this blog left)...The phrase that every parent will hear 100 times on a long journey over the summer holidays. It's a good idea to get something that will entertain the children in the car for long journeys...especially with so many of us planning staycations this summer.

Simply put together a combination of books, crayons, games, stickers and sweets for the ideal travel activity pack. Parents will love being able to buy in one place whilst supporting the school fundraising plus it will help get the children excited for the summer holidays and any planned trips they have.

6. Virtual Gameshow

Our Virtual Gameshow was designed with adults in mind but we have had lots of schools enjoy it for family fundraising nights. We then were asked so many times for a Virtual Gameshow that would be appropriate for teens so we developed the Teen Virtual Gameshow. This is ideal for secondary schools looking to create a fun experience for children to celebrate the end of term. So check it out here.

We really hope this helps schools squeeze in some last minute fundraising at the end of a term that has been really difficult to organise fundraising events for. But of course, more importantly, we hope it creates some summer fun for families, PTFA, PTA and school staff after what has been a stressful and difficult time.

Have fun, stay safe and enjoy Summer.

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