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We're passionate about entertainment for all ages which is why we've developed our Virtual Gameshow for ages 13-16 years. It's perfect for a Birthday, School Party or just fun for friends.

Our Teen Virtual Gameshow is full of fun interactive games, quiz style rounds and challenges that will get the shyest of the group laughing and joining in. We don't put anyone on the spot or intimidate them, everyone can join in whether confident or not.

We have developed lots of fun games and quiz style rounds that are fun, interactive and engaging. All our content is age appropriate and we can incorporate themed rounds around any of their interests (i.e Tik Tok Round, Harry Potter Games etc).

Participants​ log onto our zoom session using a device such as an iPad/Laptop and then download a free app to play along turning their second device (such as a smart phone or tablet) into a keypad. Using modern tech, simply to it's fresh and fun but also easy to take part.

Our host will ensure everyone feels comfortable from the start and gets involved.​ We will play a mixture of games throughout the event which will last between 45min and 1 hour.

We'll set everything up for you and create invites for you to send to everyone with information on what apps to download etc. All you need to do is grab your smartphone and get ready to take part... plus if you want to really up the ante supply a prize for the winners.

Still need convincing? Here's what some of our clients have said about our Online Virtual Gameshow...

'We were in creases for most of the time - it was great! Love how you take the mick, it's hilarious!'

-Rachel Power

'We had a good laugh, very entertaining and would recommend you to anyone needing a virtual party. Thank you for a lovely night.'

- Sheila Brown 


Ready to book? Fill out the form below.

*please note that we rely on Zoom to record your video and we are not responsible for any technical issues that may result in the video not recording.

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