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How To Get Zoom On Your TV

There ain’t no party like a Party Peeps Online Virtual Kids Party!

Looking for kids birthday party ideas in the “new normal”? Zoom is definitely the best way to go, that's why we have been using Zoom as a platform to host our Virtual Kids Parties since March 2020!

Whatever the lockdown restrictions in your area (check the latest here: https:// or country, you can invite friends and family from across the world to virtually attend and take part in all the fun and games!

Chances are you may have managed to escape using Zoom for work, or not had the luck to be invited to a virtual zoom party, so this handy guide will help you connect Zoom to your TV! The birthday party will be so much bigger and better...on a bigger screen!

The first step...have you downloaded Zoom? Head to the Zoom website (https:// to check! You don't need to do this in order to attend or take party in a virtual party but we think it is best to do so than using the website on a traditional web browser.

The best option? An HDMI cable!

(Don’t have one? Here’s a link to one of the cheapest on Amazon: 3bcERNL) but check your laptop has a HDMI output, if not check out the other options below.

  • Connect the wire to your laptop and TV.

  • Select the correct source (i.e. if the socket you’ve plugged the wire in to says HDMI2 then select that option with your when you play a DVD and choose the DVD player option on your TV).

  • And now you should be able to see your laptop display on the TV screen, just open Zoom and use as normal but with the benefit of seeing it on your TV!

All the fun of our Online Virtual Kids Party on Zoom can be on a bigger screen...and you can even have all the party music play through your TV speakers, surround sound or sound bar.

You'll still be using the Microphone and Camera of your laptop however so ensure you point the camera towards you so all the guests and our host can see and interact with you. And you'll need to be able to reach your laptop so you can unmute yourself etc at relevant points during the party.

This is definitely the simplest and best option to put the zoom party on a larger screen you have a slightly new laptop? Some newer models now use USB C (like Apple MacBook Pros etc) and it may not have an HDMI socket, don’t worry! You’ll just need one of these adapters too:

If you’ve got a few more gadgets - then enjoy these options too! (Don’t worry, if you’ve got’d know...if not, no need to panic - the HDMI cable is the best way to party lockdown style!).

Do you have an Apple TV or airplay?

Make sure the software is up-to-date (have you had any notifications pop up reminding you!?)

  • Connect the device you’re using (iPhone, iPad etc) to the same Wifi network as your Apple TV.

  • Go to your action centre (top right or swipe from the bottom) and tap screen mirroring.

  • Select the name of your Apple TV (make sure it’s yours and not a neighbours - that could be embarrassing, especially when doing the Gangnam Style!)

  • Put on your best party hat!

  • Get ready to open Zoom and virtually party with Party Peeps!

You’ll be able to do the same with a Mac with Airplay too. If you’re not sure if your TV is compatible, then check out this link:

For more information on Apple TV, check out this link: you have Chromecast instead?

  • Make sure your phone and laptop is connected to the same Wifi as the Chromecast.

  • Find the option to “cast” and look for your device! (Different companies refer to it as different names...which isn’t fun...don’t worry, the fun of the online virtual kids birthday party can start soon!).

  • Once you’ve found it...connect and open Zoom on your device

  • Get ready for a VIRTUAL PARTY!!

Want more information on setting up your Chromecast? Click out this link: https://

The best tip will be to have a practice before or set up before the kids birthday party begins, that way you can properly party virtual-style with no stress on the day! If you’ve invited someone who isn’t sure on technology, send them this guide!

Everyone can join in the birthday party fun no matter where they are in the world - it’s the best idea for an online virtual kids birthday party! Whether you’re 8...88...or a superhero...!

Find out more about our Online Virtual Kids Party Packages HERE.

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