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Weren't Virtual Parties Just For Lockdown?

Lockdown. (That word we try not to think about, so much so I promise not to use it again for the rest of this article.) A time when we spent more time than ever at home. Out of it came a new concept for Party Peeps, Virtual Parties.

When we developed of Virtual Kids Parties we wanted to create something that offered an amazingly fun, interactive and unique experience. For us, it wasn't a solution to settle for. So rather than simply moving what we would do in person at a kids party to in front of a screen we started with a plan canvas and asked.... If this was something people did even without a lockdown what would make is special?

So we came up with the concept of producing an interactive tv show type experience featuring all your friends and family. Live and interactive, kinda like your own version of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. We tried lots of different ideas before we launched the parties publicly... some worked and others didn't. But it was important to work out why some worked and others didn't so we could build on the ideas and come up with even more. We learnt that 'shows' like magic etc were quite boring on screen, don't get me wrong some magic is amazing and we do sometimes incorporate tricks into our online virtual kids parties but we would never expect children to sit and watch a magic show, unless you have an epic budget for some big tricks it doesn't quite capture your imagination and seem as exciting as when performed up close and personal.

We soon had a formula and boy was it a success. In the last UK lockdown during January, February & March we reached a peak of performing 90 virtual kids parties per week. We received over 1000 five star reviews and although I haven't checked everyone I am yet to find any other children's party entertainer with that many reviews.

So now, as I type this there are no government restrictions in the UK. We no longer have to socially distance, we can go indoors for public events/shopping etc without wearing a mask and there's no issues with social gatherings for parties. In fact we're now attending more in person children's birthday parties than we were before Covid-19. But that's doesn't mean our Virtual Kids Parties are finished. We are still entertaining hundreds of families every single week with our online virtual parties and you may be asking yourself... Who on earth is still booking virtual parties when they can have an in person one?!

Our virtual kids parties are unique, incomparable to our in person parties, with the same level of excitement, interaction, engagement and atmosphere which is quite an achievement to create through a camera on zoom.

There's something exciting and inclusive about seeing all your friends and family coming together from across your town/city/country or the world to take part simultaneously in a celebration...laughing together and dancing together. Our virtual parties take full advantage of the fact that everyone is at home. There's an abundance of props at our disposal around guests homes to use for fun games and challenges.

It's much easier to attend, whether guests live far away, having to isolate or are busy with other commitments...less time travelling, getting dressed up etc all make the party much more accessible. Pre covid August was our quietest month as people avoid organising parties as friends might be away on holiday but we have done so many virtual parties with guests logging on from holiday camps and beside the swimming pool.

Virtual kids parties are the most stress free party you will ever have to organise. We set up everything on Zoom in advance and send invites and instructions to simply forward onto guests. We host the whole party from start to finish and let you know when to bring out the cake (if you have one) and sing happy birthday. Then afterwards we send a video recording of the whole party free of charge so you'll never forget the memories made. Plus it's a fraction of the cost of hosting an in person party.

Then there's the certainty. No one likes having their party plans cancelled, certainly not children as for them it's the biggest celebration and they only turn that age once. Virtual parties are guaranteed no matter what. And you won't need to wear a face mask.

Simply put it's obvious why so many people are continuing to turning online for a virtual kids party with us even after government restrictions and lockdowns. And we love doing them, from seeing all the smiling faces to hearing the laughter. They're an absolute joy.

Get in touch today and find out about how we can deliver one of our amazing virtual kids parties for your next family celebration...including Birthdays, Halloween and Christmas.

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