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September Warning

Organising kids parties in August and September are particularly difficult, especially if you want to secure the perfect venue, excellent entertainment and ensure your child gets a good turn out of friends and family.

The summer holidays are here and many families are enjoy time together, whether it be on fun days out or jetting away on holiday. August can be a difficult time of the year to guarantee lots of people are available to attend your child's birthday party. Firstly you need to book ahead and send those invitations out before the schools break up for Summer. Then you need to cross your fingers and hope that there's plenty of children not already booked to be going away with family. Many families choose to avoid August all together and plan their child's Birthday party in July or September instead. This is why we found July so popular this year having entertained over 2000 children in just that month alone in 2019.

September is becoming one of the most popular months of the year for children's Birthday parties; there's all the children whose Birthday lands in that month plus those whose families have chosen to avoid the quieter summer months and schedule a party when most people are back from their holidays. It's also the start of a new school year which is a great time for children to socialise with new class friends out of school and parents to spend time chatting more than the five minutes they get at the busy school gates.

But with everyone back from their holidays that doesn't make September an easy month to plan a party. Firstly being a popular month means that availability of venues, entertainers and other services can be limited. Party Peeps now only have limited availability for September 2019 with two weekends being completely fully booked (correct at the time of publishing this post). It also means you could be competing with other parties of your child's friends during the same weekend and therefore class friends availability could also be limited. Finally you have the issue of giving notice. If you want to plan a party in the first few weeks of September I'd advise trying to plan ahead and get those invitations out before the Summer school break to give plenty of notice and maximise your chances of getting a good turn out.

Here's our top three tips for organising a kids party in September...

1. Plan ahead - if you can get invitations out before the Summer holidays you're doing well. If this isn't possible get them out as soon as the schools start back in September and ensure everything is booked as early as you can to avoid disappointment.

2. Entertainment first - this applies to planning a kids party any time of the year. Choose your entertainment first and then find a suitable venue to match. Some venues are not suitable for certain types of entertainment and no one (especially the children) ever say 'wow that was the best party ever, the venue was great!' but the entertainment really can make or break the party. There's no point booking terrible kids entertainment that won't engage all the children in an incredible venue.

3. Consider an after school party, it can be a great way for new class friends to socialise, children to ease back into the busy school routines and parents to socialise...Also your guests parents will love the break from stressful post school cooking dinner chores.

For more top tips and advice please feel free to get in touch, we're happy to help wherever possible -

Party Peeps entertained more than 2000 children in July 2019
Party Peeps entertained more than 2000 children in July 2019

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