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Remember the Summer of 2019?

The kids are returning back to school (pause for a moment and you won't need to listen too carefully to hear the cheers from parents and the cries of teachers) following another British summer of mixed weather.

Throughout August 2019 it has been a pleasure to perform at a number of events and entertain children of all ages with our unique, fun, high energy games, dancing and competitions.

For the first time ever we were invited to Jaqs Leisure in Westerleigh (just outside Yate) to host two Friday Fun Days; one to kick start the summer holidays and another to round off the school break. Both events were a huge success and allowed the business to generate great attendance and sales despite the hot, sunny weather which usually dampens trade for Soft Play centres. Not to mention everyone had a great time and we received some lovely feedback from parents that hadn't been to a Party Peeps party before.

August is traditionally quiet for children's birthday parties with many parents opting to schedule celebrations in July or September to increase guest numbers and avoid clashing with family holidays but we have done a number of successful birthday parties this year all of which had good amounts of guests. I guess it was a welcome relief to parents letting them burn off some energy. August opens up some great opportunities for a Birthday party; you can avoid venue hire charges and host a garden party, or even find a venue with some green space to enjoy if the weather allows it, there's also lots of fun to be had with a Beach Party theme. We have lots of great themed games for Summer events and the Limbo always goes down well.

We also hosted a Back To School party at The Lamplighters in Shirehampton (Bristol) which saw plenty of children enjoy our fun games, dancing and competitions aswell as our new 'Unlock the Safe' game filled with hundreds of golden (chocolate) treasure which was won by three people! We also performed some magic around the tables and got to meet Jenni from Jenni's Marvellous Masks who did some amazing face painting. It was a lovely event to be involved in and we're pleased to have been asked back later in the year so watch this space!

August has also seen some exciting developments within the Party Peeps business. Firstly I've been hunting for new staff; I've found some amazing talent in Bristol that will help to deliver the Party Peeps vibe on future events. I'm really excited to work with and develop this team moving forwards and I'll introduce you to them very soon but for now they have some training to do so we can continue to deliver the same excellent service at all our events. We've also launched our new branding for all our party packages and launched a brand new package; Snow Party. Our Snow Party Package offers a full disco setup with special effect ice lighting, sparkling snow white DJ booth, our large professional snow machine (which by the way isn't like most others it actually looks like real fine snow floating down through the air - see a video HERE) plus the usual high quality non-stop entertainment you get from all our packages but with snow and ice themed games and competitions. It's a great package for boys and girls, winter or summer and will be perfect for any Frozen fans.

Aswell as all this I managed to get away with my own family on our first ever camping trip. Camping is great fun and something every parent should attempt with their kids at some point even if sleeping on an inflatable bed in a field isn't your cup of tea. I'd highly recommend River Dart Country Park in Devon which has great facilities, amazing outdoor play areas, outdoor swimming and onsite restaurant. Our reusable tableware came in very handy for mealtimes too (hehe)! It wasn't easy with a 1year old, a 5year old and a huge excitable Labrador but we had loads of fun and made lots of memories that me and my wife will remember forever....and that's what the summer is all about!

It's been great to have played a part in making some amazing summer memories over the past 4 weeks... from doing the conga through a soft play with over 50 children to dancing the Chu Chu Au with Rapunzel. Thanks for the memories peeps!

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